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A Members Day Out with Bella Rose Designs!

As a mom and virtual small business owner who makes her own schedule, I should be able to get out and try a lot of new things right? Well... not so much. So, when I saw a post from Sarah about how a paddleboarding lesson had been included in the sold out June "DONUT Mess With My Freedom" themed subscription box; I felt like kicking myself for waiting too long to order, and then again for missing out on the paddleboarding session.

Luckily, I kept scrolling because she stated that she was planning a First Ever Members Day Out, and this event would include learning paddleboarding. So without hesitation, I decided to take a weekend day for myself, to meet new ladies and try something new. The paddleboarding event was open to all Bella Rose Customers, however subscribers were able to enjoy the outing for FREE. Both Member & VIP Boxes included the paddleboarding session. (And I later learned that for subscribers who don't live in Indiana, they received a private YouTube yoga lesson.)

So the following Saturday, I carpooled with Sarah and another lady in our members day out group, down to Nashville, IN. I was excited to meet Sarah in person (since we had only met virtually to work together), and we were all able to chat about things we had in common before arriving. I actually discovered the other lady was also a small business owner, and we've since connected :)

Once we arrived to Nashville, we met up with the other ladies and had time to explore the small downtown area that had a lot of cute shops with unique handmade items. We were able to leisurely shop and get to know each other more. I picked up some sweet treats for my husband and my 4yr old, sniffed some delicious smelling candles and bath bombs, and found an adorably chic black leather convertible backpack purse from Firefox Boutique (that I totally bought over the phone the next day).

After some shopping we headed over to Yellowwood Lake to meet Erica Weddle from Simply Fitness. Erica teaches yoga sessions all year, so I loved when she explained how to keep our center of gravity while on the paddleboard. She even teaches Yoga ON the paddleboards! What?!

If you know me in real life, you know that I'm not athletic, but Erica was encouraging and let us know that falling off a paddleboard was natural while learning (plus, the water was super refreshing!). However, I'm proud to say, I did not fall off my paddleboard.

After the first three ladies (including myself) finished our hour long paddleboarding session, we traded spots and had a lovely picnic. I was beyond excited to find a gorgeous spread of meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, veggies, and wine! The spinning charcuterie board was cute touch, but once it was cleared and I saw that Sarah had engraved it, I definitely made a mental note to order a few personalized wooden serving trays for Christmas gifts.

I had so much fun on this members day out, and made some new friends that day as well. Sarah did an amazing job with how she planned, prepped, and made everything so super easy for everyone that attended. The weather was perfect, the food was great, but the company was the best! I honestly can't wait for another enjoyable and peaceful day!

And because I learned my lesson for waiting too long to order the last subscription box, I signed up for a three month subscription as soon as I got home that evening! Once my July subscription arrived less than a week later, my daughter quickly took the shower steamer, the princess sticker, and the B.Happy peanut butter, pretzel, and white chocolate dip. But I enjoyed the rest of the Women Supporting Women goodies, especially these stunning gold-tipped earrings from Hand+Tool Studio and I was super excited to find another free paddleboarding lesson included!

I hope you will all get the upcoming subscription box so that you too can enjoy the next outing. I would love to meet you! And, I heard from the grapevine that more Member's Day Out Events are in the works!

- Courtney Castagne-McCavit

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I had SO much fun, I can't wait for the next Members Day outing :)

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