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October "Grateful, Thankful, Blessed" Subscription Box Unboxing

October is definitely my favorite of the fall months. The changing colors of the leaves are at their height, and even though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, Halloween is a very close second. While it rained here today, I got to enjoy some contents in my box when I enjoyed a cup of coffee while it was still hot (no small feat when you work from home with a little one!) and got in a little crafting time with the included card kit. I received my BR box this month on the 21st, and they typically ship out by the 20th of each month. If the box is holiday themed, I get my holiday themed goodies delivered to my door the month before, so I can enjoy them during the whole holiday month. And enjoy them, I already have :)

During my typical day, I'm a Virtual Assistant and work to support women and their businesses. So I love knowing that each box contains only goodies from women owned businesses. I can treat myself and continue to support other women owned businesses. Since each themed box is packed full of awesome surprise items, with 1 item being personalized just for me, it makes me feel special every single month! Sarah (the curator) puts so much detail and thought into the items inside, and I feel good knowing that I'm helping support other Women-Owned Businesses!

The first item I pulled out was the greeting card kit from Hand Stamped by Cheryl. Cheryl Piotrowski is from Indiana and she believes that sending thoughtful gestures such as a card, is becoming a lost art. As someone who always sends thank you notes, I have to agree. I've followed her on IG for awhile and felt that her cards were beautiful (check out her work on Pinterest and Instagram) but that they were something that I wouldn't be able to easily achieve.

However, I followed the YouTube link provided in the kit and quickly and easily made this beautiful card with the items included! I really like how she gave easy to follow directions and explained what tools she normally used (both stamps and die cuts and even included glue dots in the kit). This was much more preferable to having to hunt down glue from my 4yr old's craft station and hope that it wasn't dried up! While I don't know if I will get into card crafting as a hobby, I love that she offers both in-person and virtual classes. If you are in or around the Indianapolis area, she offers group classes as well! I think this could be a great holiday crafting party event for the Bella Rose Family...I wonder if Sarah would plan an event?

The next item was a bag of limited edition Thanksgiving Blend coffee from JavAroma Roasters. Joana Wade sells her delicious coffees in several retail locations in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. I found out that she has a couple of locations in Indianapolis, including one close to me at the Fresh Thyme Market in Broad Ripple (my caffeine obsessed heart sang over this discovery!).

This spicy full-bodied brew with subtle herbal notes was perfect during today's cold, rainy weather. Joana creates special small batch blends from beans sourced around the world, and also sells her coffees for fundraising events. The bag was already ground but you can also purchase them as beans, if you have a grinder at home! This afternoon's mug of coffee was just what I needed to relax a bit before getting back to work!

Next, I pulled out a colorful Tupperware set from Reva Capella's Tupperware Shop. Did you know that Tupperware is still the REAL Tupperware?! I love the variety of sizes I got:

- 3 cup container

- Two 1.5 cup containers (the one with the teal lid had a pretty snowflake design on it)

- 6oz container

- 4oz container

- 2oz container

The smallest "Minis" containers could easily be used for sauces or salad dressing. My mini-me quickly swiped mine to use for keeping her play-duh from drying out. I was blown away by how many pieces fit in this box!

I have already given out two of the bigger containers when I sent leftovers home with friends after my husband and I hosted an outdoor smoked brisket dinner with friends last weekend. Luckily for me, Reva offers virtual parties on Facebook and Bella Rose Members get an extra free gift when they book their online party. I'm ready to stock my cabinets with pretty and great quality Tupperware...not the cheap plastic ones!

The best item in the box came from Bella Rose Designs, and once again, my customized item is my favorite! Each subscriber got to choose a special word placed on their wooden pumpkin such as: "Welcome", "Thankful", "Blessed", or a name to make it unique and special to them. I chose my little family's last name, McCavit. Since I decorate for seasons instead of for individual holidays, this adorable pumpkin sign will adorn my front door until it's time to put up the Christmas wreath after Thanksgiving. This piece is all wood plus a fabric bow and my name is engraved! I can tell Sarah puts so much heart and love into each piece she makes. I'm excited because I know this piece will last and not fall apart after 1 season.

When I first pulled the door sign out of the box, it looked almost like a yellow-mustard in color. Once I hung it up on my front door however, it became a beautiful yellow-gold in the sunlight. I've already received several compliments on it, including one from our favorite mailman. This is honestly my new favorite piece of fall decor! If you'd like to purchase just the pumpkin door sign, you can order from Bella Rose Design for $30. The WHOLE box only costs $39.99/mo so I definitely get my money's worth with this box!

The next item, which I've already started using, was virtual access to Elevated by Johnette Cruz dance and workout app. I'm only a couple of days in, but I already love it! She brings so much energy and excitement to the dances and they are really fun to learn! I personally hate working out. So when I'm dancing, I can easily forget that it's actually good exercise. She offers different levels of dance regardless of your mobility level, you can easily follow along. My husband doesn't mind doing these workouts with me, and since it is all available at any time on her app or online, we don't have to hire a sitter to go to a dance studio or a gym. Even though my husband's McCavit side loves serving 5+ different sides of potatoes (I wish I was kidding) at all of the holiday family gatherings, at least I'll have Johnette on my side to keep me active during the upcoming cold weather months!

Sarah's been working hard on growing the Bella Rose Community so she offered a special for new subscribers. Only for October, new subscribers could pick 3-5 items from previous boxes to create their own "free box." Although I had my eye on the Apple Butter and Lavender Eye Pillow, Sarah mentioned she already had a special for current subscribers too. I'm so happy I was already a subscriber because we all got a $30 gift card to use during the month of November! I can't wait to get some custom Christmas gifts taken care of! The BR Member's Box costs $39.99+$5 shipping/month and the VIP Box costs $54.99 with free shipping. The boxes are always worth way more than that value though! I mean, this month alone included $182 worth of product (plus the $30 gift card), and VIPers got over $200 worth! I just can't believe how much can be packed into each month!

If you subscribe to the VIP box, which includes a custom T-shirt of the month, you would have also received a deep heather navy colored tee with a light grey print on it that said “Grateful Thankful Blessed.” VIP subscribers also receive free shipping on their boxes and a 10% discount on any future orders.

Once the major holiday season kicks off after Halloween, I think we all need this sweet reminder. For my part, I know three things: I'm grateful for what I have, both in my personal and business life. I'm thankful for when I get to spoil myself with one of Sarah's boxes. And I am beyond blessed with both people and experiences in my life that cannot be measured in money.

In November, I will be attending another Bella Rose Members Day Out! This time we will be learning MACRAME 101 with Melissa Otero! She owns Tangled Up In Knots and was featured in August's Succa For You box (plant hanger). She is crazy talented and I'm super excited to learn from her!

There is a small fee but it covers all materials, the rooms, snacks, and a swag bag! You MUST register as there are only 15 spots. This will be Melissa's first class ever, so she doesn't offer virtual classes yet. But I'd love to meet more of you amazing ladies in person! Just contact Sarah if you want one of the 14 spots still available (I've already claimed one).

I hope you all claim a November box to enjoy the goodies from women-owned businesses, and I hope to see you in November!

- Courtney Castagne-McCavit

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