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September "Apple of My Eye!" Subscription Box Review

The reviews from September's box are revealing that subscribers could feel the love overflowing from the boxes.

Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. It's no longer humid, the beautifal fall leaves change the view outside, comfort food like pies and mulled cider are made, and I can never tire of fall scented candles. I received my BR box this month on the 21st, and they typically ship out by the 20th of each month. If the box is holiday themed, I get my holiday themed goodies delivered to my door the month before, so I can enjoy them during the whole holiday month.

During my typical day, I'm a Virtual Assistant and work to support women and their businesses. So, knowing that each box contains only goodies from women owned business, means I can treat myself and continue to support other women owned businesses. Since each themed box is packed full of awesome surprise items, with 1 item being personalized just to me, it makes me feel special every single month! Sarah (the curator) puts so much detail and thought into the items inside, and I feel good knowing that I'm helping support other Women-Owned Businesses!

The first item I pulled out was the stoneware Apple tea spoon rest from Holly Pots Stoneware. Holly is from Indiana and she makes lots of different clay pieces. Check out her work on Instagram, it is truly beautiful! I loved this little apple rest, and it came in my favorite color, blue-green. It was a bit small for keeping on top of my stove while cooking, but I have been using as at spoon rest at my morning coffee station. It's just a cutie little apple piece that really fits in well with the coffee bar while also adding a seasonal feel. She made the apples in red, yellow, and green, to coordinate with the this month's theme so everybody got a random color.

Next item was a jar of apple butter from Dirt Darlin Pantry. Emily Stewart has been featured in our box in the past (Triple Berry Jam) and everybody loved it! Since the apple butter is one of her best sellers, Sarah figured it would be the perfect addition to this month's box. You can purchase the apple butter by going through her website or at The Farm Store in Martinsville, Indiana. It's delicious and perfect for biscuits and toast. But you could also put it out on a charcuterie board, or use it as a glaze on pork. Can you really have an apple and fall themed box without having apple butter?

Next, I pulled out a sweetly scented lavender eye pillow. Mindy Kearney lives in Wisconsin and has a lavender farm. So the lavender inside the pillows is actually from her own farm! How awesome is that?! It smells really good it's not super overpowering. It's the perfect calming scent to just relax and “fall” asleep quickly. The apple fabric for these eye pillows was also exclusive only to Bella Rose Members! Talk about feeling special!

I think the only way it could be more perfect, was if this was made into an actual eye mask. I will definitely be reaching out for custom gifts for self-care! If you're looking for other type of self care products, Purple Thumb Lavender is a great website to check out.

The next two items came from Bella Rose Designs, and they were both laser-engraved. The first item was the apple cake recipe board. Sarah used her grandmother's handwritten recipe and engraved it onto a bar cutting board. She also included a little card that explained her childhood and how her grandmother impacted her life. This was such a sweet and thoughtful item. I could truly feel the love just pouring out of the box. This is such a special way to keep loved one's memories alive and not dirty up used recipe cards. I think these cutting boards make really great gifts, especially with the holidays coming up. And since Sarah is able to transform people's handwriting into engravings on cutting boards, cookbook stands, or even wall hangings, there's so many options I could pick from. It was really sweet to learn more about Sarah and made me think of a couple of old recipes that my own grandma has passed down to me. I can't wait to make this cake, as well as my own family recipes with my daughter! It's time to make some memories!

The last item, which was actually two, was an engraved bamboo spoon and spatula. Every box comes with one customized item that is unique to each subscriber. This is actually one of the reason why the BR Box stands out against other "big name" boxes. So this month, ever

y customer received a wooden spoon with their name on it and a wooden spatula that was customized to their life. Some of the spatulas sent out included kids names, business names, or even a special nickname that grandchildren call them. So everybody's items were unique to them! My daughter was excited to see her name on the spatula and is excited to use her "special spoon" for when we make pumpkin pies for family gathering this year. My daughter's name is Rheah and it's impossible to find things with her name on them, so this was really neat!

The BONUS item for VIP box members was the T-shirt of the month. If you subscribe to the VIP box, which includes a custom T-shirt of the month, you would have also received a pretty green sage color tee with an orange print on it that said “Fall is my second favorite F-word.”

Some others would probably say that their number one favorite F-words are: family, food, faith, or you-know-what else (LOL!). While the items in the boxes usually do not include profanity, we thought this was a fun addition for fall. VIP subscribers also receive free shipping on their boxes and a 10% discount on any future orders.

My shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies made by Sarah are SO soft! She uses the Bella + Canvas brand, which is a cotton and poly blend. They have little to no shrinkage and feel like your favorite worn in tee. They are definitely my favorite everyday pieces, and have been enjoyed by several members of my family, when I have sent them as gifts.

October’s box theme is Grateful, Thankful, Blessed. Look below for a sneak-peek of the customized item for October's subscription box. I am SO excited! I love decorating for seasons rather than just for holidays, so a custom wooden pumpkin sign will be a cute addition to my front door fall decor. Sarah is even allowing each subscriber to decide the word they want on the pumpkin! I chose my last name but what would you pick? Your last name? Thankful? Blessed? Or someone else's name and give as a gift? The possibilities are endless! Make sure to subscribe now so you can also receive your custom item!

Another exciting thing about October's box, is that new subscribers will be be able to snag a FREE box with 3-5 previously features items that retail for at least $50. So, if you've seen something in a past box and you want it, just message Sarah and she can make sure it's included in your FREE Box! If you're a current subscriber, don't fret! Sarah will take care of you too! You also have an extra offer coming in their October box as your added bonus! Now's the perfect time to refer a friend or grab an extra box to use as a gift!

The reviews from September's box are revealing that women feel loved, and could feel the love overflowing from the boxes. I would have to agree and can honestly say that the beautiful pieces: like my customized gifts, and Sarah's family recipe were beautiful touches. It really made me feel as if was included not only the Bella Rose family, but also in Sarah's family.

I hope you too, will get the upcoming subscription box so that you can also enjoy the awesome surprises from amazing women owned businesses!

- Courtney Castagne-McCavit

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