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Bamboo Kitchen Utensils customized with your personal saying.

Can still be used or hung as decor.

You can pick between 1 spoon, a 4 piece mixed set, or a 6 piece mixed set.  Each utensil can have a different personalization or all have the same.

Hand wash recommended.
Made out of Bamboo.


The beauty of working with real wood and natural materials is what makes this product so special - no two boards are alike. The grain of the bamboo makes it a unique wood and because of this, some bamboo boards may engrave light in some areas and dark in another due to the grain of the wood. Please understand that we cannot issue a refund or produce a re-make for a Custom item due to light or dark areas on the cutting board.

Engraved Kitchen Utensils

PriceFrom $6.00
  • All orders will be completed within 14 Business Days. The day the order is placed does not count as one of the days. (Weekends & Holidays are not considered business days.)

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